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Take Water Activities To The Next Level.

Re-Define Your Water Entertainment With The Ultimate In Luxury Yacht Inflatables, AquaBanas.

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* The numbers above are for AquaBanas Founder Mark Anastasia who has been in the commercial yacht space since 2009. Mark Anastasia started in commercial inflatables 30 years ago in 1991 and has manufactured and delivered over 25,000 commercial inflatables in all capacities.

Our Latest Inflatable Product Gallery


01. Yacht Inflatables

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party bana

02. Party Banas

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Resort Systems

03. Resort Systems

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04. Inflatable Sea Pools

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05. Land or Lake Banas

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06. Yacht Slides

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“AquaBanas are Redefining Water Entertainment and… will make the experience of your Super Yachts, Resorts, Commercial Waterfronts and Residential Lakefronts even better.”


Whether you’re looking to host a land-based or water-based affair, we’ve got all of your inflatable needs covered with our custom-built (for you) designs and in-stock (now), inflatable experiences.

As the preferred manufacturers for Ultra-High Quality Luxury Yacht Inflatables, we’re not only going to inflate your ideas with fun but with high quality and class too.

Mark Anastasia
Founder & CEO


Ballast Bags


Solid Table


Cut Out


Top Surface


Back Rests


Inflation Valves


Step Access




Rings For Tent

Safety Gator

Mouth Flaps




Tent Shading

AquaBanas Are Here To Change

How You Entertain Your Family, Friends & Guests

top Inflatable-Yacht-Docks-Designed-In-The-USA
Designed To Connect family and friends of all ages together so they can enjoy an unlimited number of options to have fun, smile, laugh, and play on or off the water while creating everlasting happy memories

Now you can enjoy the outdoors with your family and friends in a way that is customized just for them! AquaBanas are a new and innovative way to enjoy time in/on the water. Our inflatable docks can be used for relaxing activities like yoga and fishing or even extreme activities like surfing and jet ski racing!

Our unique luxurious yacht inflatables come in different sizes, systems and functions so you can have as many as you want on your boat, yacht or ship. You can even use them at home if you have a swimming pool where they will make your backyard more fun than ever before! There really are no limits to what these inflatables products can do.



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Brands Inflated
By AquaBanas

AquaBanas team up with brands like Absolut supplying latest superyacht slide toys and inflatables are platforms and docks for yachts
AquaBanas team up with brands like Absolut supplying latest superyacht slide toys and inflatables are platforms and docks for yachts
AquaBanas team up with brands like Marriott supplying latest superyacht slide toys and inflatables are platforms and docks for yachts
AquaBanas team up with brands like Manchester United supplying latest superyacht slide toys and inflatables are platforms and docks for yachts that are designed to enjoy

Brands Inflated
By AquaBanas

AquaBanas team up with brands like Absolut supplying latest superyacht slide toys and inflatables are platforms and docks for yachts that are designed to be your perfect way to enjoy the water in safety by being protected from the suns UV rays
AquaBanas team up with brands like Absolut supplying latest superyacht slide toys and inflatables are platforms and docks for yachts
AquaBanas team up with brands like Marriott supplying latest superyacht slide toys and inflatables are platforms and docks for yachts
AquaBanas team up with brands like Manchester United supplying latest superyacht slide toys and inflatables are platforms and docks for yachts that are designed to enjoy

Do You Want To

Inflate Your Brand’s Positioning… Fast?

Speed up your Events set-up time on and off the water with an impactful, easy to deploy, fully-branded & customizable inflatable solution – all made from durable materials that won’t puncture or shred. click learn more below for more information.

Custom (Pantone) colors, with YOUR logo for all to see

Easy to deploy inflatables will make your brand stand out more

Quickly set up and take down your event from anywhere

Expand your brand’s physical presence for less money

Explore Our Featured Product Categories

AquaBanas_custom and in stock inflatable superyacht toys to pump up the funair with out inflatable superyacht full service dock pool, superyacht inflatable slides, swimming platform

A Popular AquaBanas Sea & Yacht Pool

This is your chance to get the most out of your yacht or waterfront business/resort. 
Deploying and retracting a sea pool from a yacht can be heavy work.

But not with the AquaBanas POP 3 three-part system!

Many sea pools on the market weigh in excess of 500 pounds, with netting that creates a substantial drag as it’s being removed from the water. The POP 3 Pool has a revolutionary design to break down into three manageable parts for easy handling; giving you and your guests more time to enjoy your luxury boat without you or your yacht crew worrying about lugging around weighty equipment!


  • Have more access to the ocean with less drag
  • No more heavy lifting – Easy 3-step installation and removal
  • Get rid of the bulky 500-pound plus sea pools when you get the POP 3 Yacht Pool
  • Safety net – jellyfish and critter-free swimming area


Our Special Services


Custom Design

Go ahead, dream BIG!

And you can do it with AquaBanas! We’ll help you design, fabricate and inflate that dream of yours, just how YOU want it – in custom colors, with YOUR logo for all to see. Whatever your dream are you’ve come to the right place – AquaBanas




Yacht crew welcome to the AquaBanas company, we’re here for your convenience. We understand that you’ve got a busy day ahead of you so why not make it easier on yourself with our products? Our inflatables platforms are lightweight, modular and easy to set up and retrieve!



AquaBanas is bringing Lagoon-style resorts and lake towns to life, but did you know that we also help monetize these environments? Add your favorite colors or branding before renting out individual units, giving guests the opportunity to relax and reconnect with friends and family.



If you need to make your resort or hotel more fun, AquaBanas can help! From a lazy time chilling on the water to shaded areas lounging on the beach, our inflatable water parks will keep guests happy. Talk with one of our representatives and learn how we’ll customize it for your property.




It’s time to make your boat/jet ski the life of any party with AquaBanas! Make your boat shine with its extra space and fun times, no matter what size it is! Whether you’re looking for some aqua-party fun or just want the children nearby without worrying about safety, we’ve got options that will suit all of your needs.


Water Front Venues


What if you could make your waterfront property and swimming pools even more desirable? AquaBanas inflatable decks mean that the experience of water near shorelines doesn’t have to stop at beaches. You can create a whole new area for people to enjoy, no matter how small, large or rocky it might be.

Industry Experts Are Calling AquaBanas

The Best Yacht Inflatables Around

Watch How The Super Yacht Captain Tristan Mortlock
Created The Ultimate Water Sports Set Up Within Minutes

What Our Clients Are Saying

If you’re looking for some fun in the water, look no further! Aquabanas are by far one of the coolest products I’ve ever owned. The unit is completely stable in the water and feels as if you are walking on solid ground! The material is super strong and certainly does not feel like a “float” Completely exceeded my expectations and I look forward to years of fun in the sun!

Jason Underberg

Founder/Publisher Of VUE Magazine.


Nothing but good things to say about AQUABANAS products, such a fantastic extension to the boat, our charter guests love them and spend hours using them. The team are a pleasure to deal with and more importantly are problem solvers given their extensive experience.

Tristan Mortlock

The Super Yacht Captain of AWOL.


Mark, Andrea and Julie at AquaBanas have all been excellent with the entire process, from start to finish.

The products are great, with the added customization we wanted really making the products pop! It’s not just what the Captain and I had expected, it’s even more! 


Captain Todd L & First Officer Joe P

MY Silver Lining

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About Us: Experience the

AquaBanas Difference Today

At AquaBanas we know you are the kind of people who want all your friends, family, and guests to be able to create everlasting memories while enjoying the water in a way that is customized just for them!


In order to do this, inflatable toys are a must-have in every yacht/resort/commercial waterfront or residential lakefront.


The problem is there are inflatable options out there, but they’re not always ideal depending on your unique space and for what you need from an inflatable product… But not with AquaBanas!


We understand that you want a luxury product to enjoy the water without imitations. That’s why all AquaBanas inflatable products are made with our customers in mind, they are lightweight, durable, safe and engaging so people of any age can use them on their yacht or at resorts around the world!


Our goal is simple: Provide quality inflatables with entertainment potentials pumped up high so everyone has an unforgettable time!


We have tons of options for fun that’ll keep you and your guests entertained – just take a look through our products today and see what we’ve got for YOU, and turn that great location of yours into an even better experience!