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Inflatable water yacht slides are for you if you want to feel the wind in your hair just as you dive into the deep waters. Inflatable water slides for yachts are a fun way to enjoy your time along with your company. They are not just meant for the kids but also for adults with a reliable supporting frame to create a luxury experience. They are easy to attach whenever you throw a party and also to detach and store when the fun is over. 

What is an Inflatable Water Yacht Slide?

An inflatable water yacht slide is a detachable water toy accessory to enhance fun on the water. You can attach it to the Party Bana and create a complete resting set for your guests as they wait for their turns.

Party Bana VS Yacht Slide

Inflatable slides for boats and yachts are an exciting treat in the open sea. However, it is also very easy to get tired of running up to the slide and gliding down into the water, especially as an adult. AquaBanas has a fun way for you and your guests to enjoy the sea, play on the slides, and eat and drink while partying with the Party Bana.

A Party Bana is easy to deploy and sets up quickly, so you have more time for entertainment. It has a comfortable and functional area where your guests can just chill and relax in the sun. Additionally, it costs way less than a typical water slide, and who doesn’t want to save their money?

The Party Bana can be set up by one crew in just about twenty-five minutes, and with another crew to help, it can be deployed much faster. The Party Bana weighs around 176 pounds with the dimensions of 48” x 24” x 20”, making it very easy to store away when not needed.

In contrast, inflatable yacht slides vary in weight. A typical 6-meter long inflatable slide is about 440 pounds or more. The size varies a lot, with a typical yacht slide being dimensions 60” x 35” x 35”. Setting up and removing an inflatable yacht water slide is also dependable on the proximity of the crane.

For a uniquely entertaining experience, you can group the Party Bana with an inflatable yacht slide.

The party Bana can be a perfect place for all your guests to, lounge in, eat, drink and play while waiting their turn on the yacht slide.

What is Party Bana?

A Party Bana is an inflatable water float giving you the best of both worlds. It is attachable to your yachts and resorts, along with the inflatable slides. It has a carrying capacity of about 10-12 adults with dimensions of 11” x 11” and weighs 181 lbs. You can customize it with your colors, logos, or promotional banners to give it a personalized look for your company. It has a sturdy non-slip surface making it easy for people to move around without the fear of slipping and falling into the water. You can also add the king lounger to the side of your party Bana for more space and fun! You can easily fit 4-5 adults on your lounger and still have a blast!

About AquaBanas

If you’re looking for a unique way for you and your guests to unwind on the water, an inflatable water yacht slide that’s easy and quick to set up is perfect. AquaBanas grabs attention wherever it is seen. You can visit us at our website or call us at (407) 408-9282 or email us for more details.