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When stepping onto an AquaBanas Deck, the first thing you will notice is just how solid and stable it is. It does not skip across the water or get “all wiggly” under your feet. They are firm and offer a secure footing with the non-slip top surface.

The next thing you will notice is just how comfortable the seating is whether you sit on the deck with your feet in the netted footwell, or on top of the back rest with your feet on the deck. Both positions are fine, and the ergonomics of the table allow you to reach it effortlessly from either perch.

Do not worry about how to get back on the Bana Deck if you jump in the water either, because with the built in Quick Access Step, everyone can easily climb back aboard. There is also a built-in cooler cutout to secure a cooler of your favorite beverages and snacks.

The one truly cool aspect of the AquaBanas are the Bana Tents that are made to fit every AquaBanas deck. These high-quality tents are very wide and give an amazing amount of shade over the deck. They also keep the temperature about 15 degrees cooler, even in the hot sun. The Bana Tent also serves to hold an optional speaker and light.

But, the best part of the AquaBanas system is that you can easily connect additional AquaBanas decks to grow the system to fit any needs that you may have, including adding a lounger, or as a place to park PWC’s, E-Foils, Seabob’s and other water toys that active water sports enthusiast’s commonly use.

AquaBanas is Redefining Water Entertainment with these ultra-high quality inflatables made for various markets, including mega yachts, resort style pool floats, and waterfronts. For more information contact a Sales Representative at info@aquabanas.com