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It is not easy to find a suitable place for a resort. If you want to own an island or a water park, the cost is too high. Constructing a permanent fixture on the water also comes with too many costs.

Some resorts have found a way to invite more guests by offering them extra ways to relax on the water. They do this cost-effectively with AquaBanas, which are temporary inflatable floating retreats that require no permits and are set up quickly.

What Are AquaBanas Resort-Style Pool Floats Solutions?

AquaBanas luxury resort style pool floats provide a temporary inflatable waterpark and a way to expand your business/resort across the water fast.

Our Resort Systems are available in multiple options and are a great way for you and your guest to enjoy your time to the fullest, whether with your family or partying over the water with your group of friends.

AquaBanas floating decks can be deployed on any body of water regardless of shape or location. The Resort-style systems are the most affordable solution for business owners looking to expand their entertainment options on their waterfront, as there are no permits required in most jurisdictions.

With AquaBanas Aqua Floating Resort Systems You Can Create and Include Any Combination of Various Custom and Above Standard Features Like:

The Party, Picnic, and Lux Bana; Take your pick:

Our resort’s system includes inflatable loungers that are so comfortable you and your guests won’t want to get off them!

You can choose from different sizes according to the number of guests you have or how much business you want to attract.

The Pop 3 Pool System term consists of Pop Out Pool. You can create amazing recreation areas for resorts and other waterfront venues easily.

The Pop 3 Pool serves as a great foundation piece to any Resort System, allowing for other AquaBanas to be seamlessly attached on all sides, through our revolutionary modular design. 

Whether you’re hosting events or want to create your own unique resort experience even better, we can customize our resort systems for you and make every occasion a true celebration!

The Picnic Bana has a capacity of fourteen to fifteen people. The Picnic Bana measures 11’ x 18’ and includes a BT 180-1 Bana Tent that gives amazing shade while also allowing a 6’ tall person to easily walk around inside. There is also a rock-solid picnic table, multiple seating options, and netted footwells to cool your weary feet. The netted footwells prevent people and objects from falling into the ocean water. In addition to the tent, it also includes a hook for you and your guests to affix a light should you want to party after dark. There is space to hang speakers as well if you and your friends also want background music to chill with. 

The Party Bana has a carrying capacity of ten to twelve adults, a rock-solid 48” tabletop that is suitable for dancing, and a quick step for easy access in and out of the water. The BT120 Bana Tent canopy protects people from the sun and elements as this floating island will keep people out on the water for hours at a time in complete comfort.

AquaBanas Resort Systems Can Grow With Your Business/Resort

After you deploy your initial system, go ahead and grow it by adding mega loungers on any of the open sides of the Pop 3 Pool, Party Bana, or Picnic Bana.  

The Mega loungers are eleven feet wide, and each can support four to five adults. The surface is a non-slip material, promising a carefree fun time. Everything is secured with gap flaps to prevent falling and stainless connectors to attach every piece.

AquaBanas’ inflatable water parks construction systems are designed to bring more customers to your business by bringing in areas that were previously too expensive or difficult for businesses to utilize and get a fast return on investment.

Sounds like a great idea for your business/resort? Find out more about how you can get your AquaBanas floating resorts today. 

Feel free to contact us via phone or email for further assistance. We’ll be glad to help! Thanks.

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