Many people dream about opening a business, but, in this case, that dream woke Mark Anastasia up at 3am in May of 2019 and AquaBanas was born!

The vision was to create a series of water based luxury inflatable platforms called Bana Decks in a modular format that could easily be connected to each other to form super cool recreation areas on the water. The foundation of these Bana Decks are the tables that are designed to be rock solid and allow meals, drinks, water sports and many other activities to take place.
Another important part of the design is the Bana Tents that create amazing shade over the entire bana area and create a cooling effect that really works. When describing this concept to his son, he said “like an Aquabanas, Dad”, and the name was born.

In just a short time, AquaBanas have been developed and sold around the world from Asia, North America, Europe, and the Middle East. It should be noted that Mark Anastasia has been manufacturing commercial inflatable for over 25 years and since 2009 has placed over 1000 custom inflatables of 100’s of the world’s largest superyachts. All of the knowledge and experience of working with the yacht industry has been put into the design and fabrication of AquaBanas products. Please visit