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Inflatable floating decks are arguably the best recreational platforms ever built for water enthusiasts. They are highly functional, multi-purpose, safe, and can add incredible value to your aqua entertainment plans. 

But some people are misinformed and assume that inflatable decks could be hazardous, unreliable or just time-consuming to deploy. This is simply not the case when it comes to our AquaBanas! The cause of such fear is misinformation and misconceptions about inflatable decks.

Therefore, here we’ll debunk the five most common myths about inflatable decks so you can enjoy their benefits without apprehensions.

Myth #1: Inflatable decks puncture easily

An inflatable deck coming undone is a major bummer and a significant safety hazard for all those on board. It’s true but not common. 

Reality: We make AquaBanas with heavy-duty, industry-standard, and abrasion-resistant drop-stitch PVC materials. Welded construction adds to their durability and sturdiness and helps avoid any rips and tears. Moreover, we add a layer of vinyl to the top surface to minimize the chances of slipping and falling, as well as non-slip to prevent punctures.

Myth #2: They are not stable

You can’t enjoy a party on an unstable inflatable deck that makes you slip and trip all the time. It can be dangerous; it can hurt you and others.

Reality: We design all AquaBana decks with a non-slip top surface and stable ballast bags to ensure your complete safety. Bana decks remain stable even in unsteady waters.

Myth #3: They are hard to set up and maintain

Another common misconception is that inflatable decks need a lot of time, labor, and effort to set up, clean, and store. Therefore, it is not worth it to spend money on them.

Reality: Contrary to this popular opinion, most AquaBanas are light enough for one person to set up within 20 minutes.  You can also deflate and store them easily once you are done with the day’s entertainment.

Myth #4: They can’t handle heavy loads

People often believe that since inflatable decks are essentially just heavy-duty balloons, they can’t take much load. They will either puncture or flip in the water if you put weight on them.

Reality: AquaBanas are extremely sturdy and built, so they can handle a lot of weight and stay stable. For example, our Party Banas can easily seat eight or more adults, and you can always add more customizations to increase space and capacity.

Myth #5: They are only for water lovers

Yes, inflatable decks are essentially popular among water enthusiasts, but several varieties are now available for those who want to have a good time away from water too.

Reality: At AquaBanas, we have a whole range of products for people who want entertainment on land. Some of our Bana decks can be used both on land and water, giving you the best of both worlds.

Best inflatable decks at AquaBanas

We offer a wide range of water entertainment inflatables. Our decks and slides are a unique and efficient way to amplify the joy of water activities. AquaBana platforms offer quick-step access, incredible stability, and non-slip surfaces, making them the ideal choice for yachts, resorts, custom inflatable pool floats, commercial waterfronts, and residential lakefronts. You can call us at (407) 408-9282 or drop an email to to know more. We will be happy to help you decide what items work best for you.