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Floating over water has always been a fun thing to do on a hot summer day; it helps you laze, relax and reenergize, and AquaBanas revolutionizes this experience by redefining leisure. Whether you like being alone, or want to have fun with your friends and family over the water, AquaBanas has got you covered with unique inflatable floating decks that make your day more enjoyable.

What are AquaBanas high-quality inflatables?

AquaBanas are high-quality inflatable floating decks (called Banas) that connect to form larger floating platforms called Bana Systems. All systems start with the Party Bana or the Picnic Bana.

Following are the above standard features in a Bana System-

  1. Inflated backrests
  2. Gator mouth flaps
  3. Anchor rings for tent
  4. Non-slip top surface
  5. Quick-step access
  6. Stable ballast bags
  7. Dual inflation valves
  8. Netted footwells
  9. Rock-solid table
  10. Cooler cut out

What Goes into the Making of an AquaBanas?

All AquaBanas products are made by highly experienced technicians using the highest quality materials, including materials chosen, stainless steel hardware, and proven construction methods.

They have the quality you can trust! Let’s take a deeper look into the making of an AquaBanas.

The Design of our premium inflatable decks.

AquaBanas has an experienced in-house design department that continuously develops new and innovative designs. AquaBanas have a modular design that allows them to operate together as a single unit or be seamlessly connected to form a larger Bana System.

They are easier to inflate, safer to use, and provide a more stable deck.

AquaBanas is made of high-quality PVC that is easy to inflate by just attaching the included pump. They also come with safety valves for added protection against any leakage, as well as cooler cutouts and a rock-solid table which means you can enjoy your day your way.

Create anything: there are three foundation Banas in any AquaBanas System-

  1. Party Bana
  2. Picnic Bana
  3. Pop3 Pool System & Deck

For a Better Connection and Safety On The Ocean…

All AquaBanas decks and components use a standardized system that has 2 D-rings positioned 80’ apart. Each set of these D-rings features a 120” wide Gator Mouth Flap that firmly holds a non-slip Gap Cap material that prevents anyone from stepping through the butted seam.

The decks are held together primarily with two chains of #316 Stainless Steel Quick Link connectors connected to the rings.

The chains are then covered with a high-quality, resilient wrap.

A Super-Heavy-Duty Welded Construction-

All AquaBanas products are built with commercial-grade, full welded drop stitch technology to ensure longevity.

All air seams are fully fastened with hot air welding, so they won’t fail in any way.

An additional layer of vinyl material is added to every seam, along with the trim strip material for added strength.

Being Designed with all sorts of activities in mind-from diving deep into the ocean’s currents to catching some rays while lying on top AquaBanas inflatable docks are the perfect choice for all water lovers. They’re durable and won’t puncture easily, which means they last longer than traditional docks thanks to their innovative technology…

Why You Would Love AquaBanas?

  • AquaBanas is all about luxury and rock-solid safety
  • They can be a fantastic extension to your boat
  • They can support over 4000 pounds floating on the water according for more information view our latest AquaBanas catalogue
  • Customize by adding speakers, lights, and a cooler for a real party
  • Add more space by connecting more decks
  • Personalize by adding your own colors and logo
  • Modular designs offering massive flexibility
  • Perfect for social distancing
  • Removable shade tents
  • Made for various markets like yachts, resorts, commercial waterfronts, and residential lakefronts
  • There is no such thing as boredom on the water with AquaBanas.

If you’re looking for an inflatable floating deck that’s easy to set up and enjoy a fantastic new way to chill on the water plus amp up your fun with a whole group of friends and family, then AquaBanas is for you!

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