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AquaBanas are inflatable floating docks that are emerging as the ultimate form of entertainment for water enthusiasts. They are getting popular because of their versatility, durability, and incredible ability to add life to any gathering around water.

If you also like to spend your leisure time near water, AquaBanas is just the thing for you. Here, we give you a detailed low-down on the seven crucial things you should keep in mind when buying an inflatable dock.


Whenever you buy anything, you have a buyer’s intent behind it. You must see some use for the product or service; otherwise, you won’t make the purchase. The same goes for an inflatable yacht dock. Your intent of use should inform your choice. It will affect several factors, such as size, type, and customization.

For example, a Party Bana from AquaBanas will change how you relax on the water, making your experience a lot more comfortable and fun. If you wish to use your inflatable sport boats yacht dock for a corporate event, you will need something a lot bigger. An AquaBana system that caters to larger resorts or superyacht charters is an ideal option in such a situation.

Construction and materials used

When buying an inflatable floating deck, ensure that the materials used to make it are durable and can endure the water body’s instability. Also, check that the seams are welded airtight and won’t give in to pressure. The floating deck’s surface should be stable once inflated, so you and others don’t wobble and fall when walking on it. 

All AquaBana inflatable floating decks have a non-slip top surface, stabilizing ballast bags, quick step access, multiple anchor points, and are pressure tested for maximum ease, comfort, and safety. To know more, you must watch AquaBanas CEO Mark Anastasia talk about our range of innovative products.

Maintenance and storage

Before selecting an inflatable dock, ask your retailer about its maintenance requirements—how frequently it would need cleaning and all the things that can damage it. Decide which inflatable works best for you only after you have all the answers.

For reference, you must see how easy it is to maintain, store, inflate, or deflate an inflatable yacht dock in our free AquaBanas online brochure. You can also request a no-obligation demonstration either in person or online. Just drop an email to us at, and we will take care of the rest.


Make sure that the inflatable dock you choose is future-proof and can scale up or down to always fit your needs both in and out of water.

AquaBanas inflatable docks are multipurpose and can be used as furniture on land too. You can seamlessly join two or more AquaBanas together to increase their size according to your requirements. You can even get it customized and add your brand logo and colors to use your inflatable dock as a promotional tool. AquaBanas also work well as docking points for your yachts and jet skis, giving you unlimited options to enjoy the water.

Safety measures

Since there will be people on board, you need to ensure that your inflatable dock is 100% safe. Therefore, ask your retailer safety questions like:

1. Is there any quick step access in and out of the water on your swim float platform? 

2. Is the surface stable and comfortable so that people can sit and relax without the fear of falling off? 

3. Can the inflatable floating yacht dock be connected to other docks without gaps in between them?

4. What’s the maximum weight capacity?

Get clear answers to all such questions before making a purchase.

Best inflatable decks for you at AquaBanas

After this read, you are all set to buy your ultimate water entertainment platform. Still, if you want to know more about AquaBanas, you can call us at (407) 408-9282 or drop an email to We will be happy to help you decide what works best for you.