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Spending time on a luxurious yacht in open water can be a lot of fun, especially when there is a party on board with fantastic music, yacht tenders, and exciting water toys.

Your yacht crew spends a considerable amount of effort making sure you have a wonderful experience on the vessel. However, when it comes to platform extensions, they spend far too much time installing and maintaining the external decks. They can easily reduce these efforts by using a product with a better, more user-friendly design.

We have designed our AquaBanas yacht inflatables for long-term water use. Their modular design and durable drop-stitch materials provide tremendous flexibility, easy setup, effortless maintenance, and space-efficient storage.

Here are six ways our innovative inflatable platforms can make life easy for your yacht crew, freeing their time and efforts for other activities.


Their lightweight and modular design make AquaBanas incredibly easy to store, carry, and deploy—all with minimal effort.

Easy Setup

Our Party Banas are interlinked with a robust D-ring clasp, allowing the decks and slides to be inflated and deflated separately. It gives the crew members sufficient space to effortlessly maneuver their way around and set it up in less than 30 minutes.

Easy Storage 

Our decks and slides occupy significantly less storage space. The space-efficiency makes it a breeze for the crew to deflate and inflate them as per requirement.

Enhanced Safety Settings

We design our Party Banas with netted footwells underneath and a fendering system on the edges to prevent items from getting lost in the ocean. It saves your crew from the avoidable hassle of looking for toys and other things that might go missing in the water.

Additional Entertainment

AquaBana decks and slides are the ultimate water entertainment platforms. They allow you to set up your private party away from the yacht with drinks, music, games, and food. They are robust and safe enough to keep guests entertained for extended periods. Isn’t that how all parties should be?

Additional Space

Yachts frequently become crowded, causing problems for the guests, owners, and, most of all, the crew members. Our inflatable decks and slides give you additional space and privacy to entertain many guests without compromising space on the main vessel.

On our sturdy platforms, people can sunbathe while enjoying great conversations with friends and family. The modular design allows you to easily add new decks to create extra space if you want to accommodate more guests.

Best Inflatable Decks for you at AquaBanas

At AquaBanas, we offer a wide range of water entertainment inflatables. Our decks and slides are a unique and efficient way to amplify the joy of water-based activities. AquaBanas platforms offer quick-step access, unbelievable stability, and non-slip surfaces, making them the ideal choice for yachts, resort style pool floats, commercial waterfronts, and residential lakefronts. You can call us at (407) 408-9282 or drop an email at to know more. We will be happy to help.