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Nothing says luxury like owning a yacht and going on vacations or hosting parties with your colleagues, friends, and family. But what if you can add to the fun and luxury and create an unforgettable experience for everyone? Guests always want to hop right into the water, and kids want to play water games. AquaBanas inflatable yacht accessories are the perfect thing for you! Moreover, they are lightweight, modular, and easy to set up and pack away.

Let us see why AquaBanas are the preferred choice for luxury yacht inflatables.

Why Choose AquaBanas for Luxury Yacht Inflatables?

Apart from being modular, AquaBanas inflatable sport boat yacht dock and other accessories have many more advantageous features-

#1- The built: All AquaBanas inflatables are built on a modular frame measuring 340 cm x 340 cm (11’ x 11’). The modular design makes them convenient for use and storage. AquaBanas products are crafted with the yacht crew in mind so they can set up your party in just minutes.

#2- Customized designs: All AquaBanas inflatables come in multiple formats and configurations for you to choose from. You can also customize the design and colors to match your company brand if you are purchasing it for your business. The configurations can also be made according to the other inflatable toys on board, as you can use AquaBanas products to manage the water toys on your yacht.

How AquaBanas Party Bana Can be the Best Addition to Your Yacht-

While AquaBanas makes many yacht water slides for its customers, a Party Bana can totally change your overall yacht experience. It provides an amazing place for your guests to hang out while they wait for their turns at the super yacht water slide or to simply relax and enjoy the view. The other features of our POP3 Pool include-

  • It is easy to deploy. A single crew member can set up a party bana for your yacht in just about 25 minutes
  • It is comfortable
  • A rock-solid table to safely enjoy your meal and have drinks without fearing they will tilt over
  • It costs less and provides entertainment for hours
  • It takes up minimal space and can be easily stored

What Can You Add with the AquaBanas Party Bana?

Starting with a Party Bana starter set, you can add other additional inflatable accessories to take your fun to the next level. These can accommodate about twelve people and your crew can easily manage them-

  • PWC Bana to hold the jet skis
  • King lounger for more seating
  • Splash Bana for kids to safely enjoy the water
  • Bana Tent to lower the temperature by 15-20 degrees Fahrenheit and get protection from the sun

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