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Everyone has a different idea of fun. Some people like to splash around in the water, while others enjoy land-based activities. Whether you’re a water lover or not, AquaBanas offers inflatable decks designed to provide a unique combination of entertainment, luxury, and comfort. 

If you’re confused because you love both water and land-based parties, here’s a guide to help you get a better idea of what to expect from AquaBanas on Yachts vs  Land-based AquaBanas .

AquaBanas on Yachts

There’s no better way for water enthusiasts to enjoy a vacation than to take the yacht to the middle of the ocean to relax and play water games.  AquaBanas are floating inflatable decks that can be connected to your yacht to increase space and functionality. 

Unique Design Elements

AquaBanas can support up to 2500 pounds per unit. Its surface is non-slippery, and the deck is wobble-free. Moreover, AquaBanas have been created keeping the comfort of the yacht crew in mind. These Banas are lightweight, detachable, and easy to pack and store. 

Yacht AquaBanas Products

With a few additions, you can transform your yacht into an exciting water park. Some attractive yacht AquaBanas additions are:

1. POP 3 Pool: The POP 3 Yacht Pool is made of 3 parts; the netted pool, and a two-part deck. This allows easier storage onboard as well as easier handling. It is a foundational piece and can connect other decks like a bar, PWC, and Picnic Bana. 

2. Party Banas: With an inflatable lounging area and a tent top that offers shade, Party Banas truly inspire awe. It can seat 8-10 people and comes with a built-in rock-solid table.

3. Yacht Slides: Custom yacht AquaBanas package includes custom-fitted inflatables like yacht slides! Could a party get any better?

Land-based AquaBanas

Land-based AquaBanas is designed for people who prefer to have fun outdoors but also like to stay grounded. Land Banas are inflatable decks and are suitable for both grasslands and beaches. Placing land-based Banas on the beach is a win-win for people who want to feel the sand under their feet and enjoy a swim! 

Unique Design Elements

There is a ground cover sheet on the underside of our Land Banas to ensure durability and prevent the Banas from getting dirty. The tables have an ultra-strong design.

Land-Based AquaBanas Products

AquaBanas is constantly growing the range of inland Banas that can also be used as furniture for parties and events. Some attractive Land Banas are:

1. Beach Bar Bana: Drinks on the beach is a classic party idea, but what if you had a portable inflatable bar? Beach bar Bana is quick to set up, has strong anchor rings on the tent, a solid bar table, and under-counter storage space.

2. Massage Table and Bana: The massage table has three air chambers to adjust pressure. You can use the Bana tent and round table to create an open and cozy massage room for your beach party guests!

3. Couch Bana: With a capacity to seat up to 13 people, a 48” round table, and a tent that offers shade, couch Banas provide the perfect event seating arrangement.

Both yacht AquaBanas and land AquaBanas can be custom-designed with the color and logo of your choice.

Best inflatable decks for you at AquaBanas

At AquaBanas, we offer a wide range of water entertainment inflatables. Our decks and slides are a unique and efficient way to amplify the joy of water-based activities. AquaBanas platforms offer quick-step access, unbelievable stability, and non-slip surfaces, making them the ideal choice for yachts, resorts, custom inflatable pool floats, commercial waterfronts, and residential lakefronts. You can call us at (407) 408-9282 or drop an email at to know more. We will be happy to help.