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Custom Banas™

Enjoy the Finer Things in Life
With Our Premium Bana Systems

Custom Inflatables for Use on Land & Water

AquaBanas is leading the way in the luxury inflatable market with custom floating loungers, swimming pools, decks, tents, bars, slides, climbing walls, and more! All Banas are built to the highest commercial standards on a modular base that makes them easier to set up and handle than other brands. Banas are perfect for use on both land and water including but not limited to:

  • Private & Charter Yachts
  • Commercial Lakefronts
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Cruise Ships
  • Theme & Water Parks

Designed to Connect Products & People


Features & Benefits


Premium Quality

Banas™ are built to the highest commercial standards with welded seams, a layer of vinyl in every stitch, and trim strip material.



Our Banas™ can float by themselves or be connected to other products for maximum capacity, comfort, and convenience.


Quick & Easy Setup

All Banas™ are lightweight and built on a modular frame that makes them easy to set up, connect, break down, and store.


Non-Slip Surfaces

We designed our Banas™ with non-slip surfaces to prevent falls and make sure that everyone stays safe while having fun.


Quick Access Steps

Our non-slip access steps allow guests of all ages to safely and efficiently board and exit your Bana(s)™.


Custom Branding

Deck out your Bana™ with custom colors, logos, and branding to promote your business or sponsors.

Custom Banas for All Ages

The possibilities are endless with our custom luxury inflatable systems! AquaBanas founder Mark Anastasia is an industry pioneer that has created a new niche in the global inflatable marketplace that appeals to people of all ages. Banas are are built to withstand long periods outside and made with the highest quality materials and latest innovations.

Additionally, our products feature a lightning-fast inflation/deflation system and strong lifting points to help crew workers handle and stow equipment. Banas are designed to your preferred specifications with custom branding including logos, color schemes, and messaging. Call us to set up a free consultation where we can see your yacht, answer any questions about our products, and take measurements.

Built for Maximum Safety, Comfort & Convenience

Throw on a couple of King Loungers for additional seating or a Splash Bana, which includes a floating pool with bottom netting to keep guests safe. Our inflatable loungers can be connected to any of our Bana decks, placed on the beach, or float freely on the water. Non-slip surfaces and easy-entry ladders help keep the fun going while preventing falls.

AquaBanas products are made following the strictest commercial requirements including full welding on all drop stitch products to prevent seam failure. Every seam is also reinforced with our trim strip material and a second layer of vinyl. Let our talented team bring your vision to life for the ultimate waterfront experience.

Start Designing Your Custom Bana System

AquaBanas are perfect for all occasions whether you want to spice up your upcoming yachting excursion or add shade and seating to a day on the water. Over the years, we have produced and delivered more than 25,000 inflatables! We also provide custom branding choices such as distinctive logos, color schemes, and messaging for commercial promotions. Give us a call to get started.

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Smaller sizes suited to sandbar
rental operations.