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POP 3 Yacht

POP 3 Yacht

“This is so much easier to handle than any other seapool on the market! Period!”

Deploying and retracting a sea pool from a yacht is very heavy and challenging thing to do. Many of the larger sea pools on the market weigh in excess of 500 pounds, and have netting that creates substantial additional drag as it is being removed from the water. The POP 3 Pool has an innovative design that breaks the pool into 3 manageable parts that can be handled much easier. The pool system can also be stored in separate locations to maximize storage space. The POP 3 Pool is also a foundation piece for waterfront AquaBanas Systems. The design allows the pool frame to be used to support AquaBanas decks on water fronts for many different uses including floating bars and restaurants. The netting becomes optional and is easily removed, or just left off. POP 3 Pools are considered foundation banas and they ship in 5 parts on one pallet including; Pool side A, Pool side B, Removeable Netting, Bravo 2000 Pump and Hose Kit. The weight and dimensions shown are for shipping purposes and could vary with custom size pools.

Additional information

Weight 370 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 40 × 54 in