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Resort Bana™
Water Inflatables

Take Your Waterfront Activities
to the Next Level

Recreational Water Toys for All Ages

AquaBanas is a line of luxury water inflatables designed for private and commercial use. All water Banas are designed to the highest industry standards with non-slip surfaces and the ability to connect with our other products to create a floating oasis. Keep the fun going with our line of inflatable decks, tents, pools, and loungers for the ultimate waterfront experience!

  • Private & Charter Yachts
  • Beaches & Lakefronts
  • Swimming Pools
  • Amusement Parks
  • Sandbars & Lagoons

Combine Products for Maximum Capacity & Fun


Features & Benefits


Premium Quality

Banas™ are built to the highest commercial standards with welded seams, a layer of vinyl in every stitch, and trim strip material.



Our Banas™ can float by themselves or be connected to other products for maximum capacity, comfort, and convenience.


Quick & Easy Setup

All Banas™ are lightweight and built on a modular frame that makes them easy to set up, connect, break down, and store.


Non-Slip Surfaces

We designed our Banas™ with non-slip surfaces to prevent falls and make sure that everyone stays safe while having fun.


Quick Access Steps

Our non-slip access steps allow guests of all ages to safely and efficiently board and exit your Bana(s)™.


Custom Branding

Deck out your Bana™ with custom colors, logos, and branding to promote your business or sponsors.

Luxury Inflatables for Commercial & Residential Waterfronts

AquaBanas are perfect for adding more space and activities to your yacht or waterfront. Over the years, we have manufactured and delivered over 25,000 inflatables! We also offer custom branding options including unique logos, color schemes, and messaging for commercial promotions. Banas can float by themselves or connect with other products for maximum capacity, comfort, and flexibility.

Add a couple of King Loungers for additional seating or a Splash Bana for the little ones to safely play in. Our luxury loungers can be connected to any AquaBanas deck, placed on the beach, or free float in the water. You can even adjust the pressure to find the perfect level for you. All Banas are lightweight, modular, and can be easily deployed and removed.

Decorative Image
Decorative Image

Designed to Bring People Together

All luxury water inflatables are built on a modular frame break that measures 340cm x 340cm (11’ x 11’). This flexible design makes them easier to set up, connect, break down, and store than other inflatables. Additionally, we offer multiple designs that can fit almost any configuration needed for onboard personal watercrafts (PWCs).

Our Party Bana provides an amazing place to hang out while playing watersports, waiting your turn, or just laying back and enjoying the view. Add a Bana Tent to protect guests from the sun and lower the temperature by 15-20°F! All tents include a rock-solid table to safely store drinks, food, speakers, and games. Our POP Pools feature an innovative design that breaks the pool into manageable parts that can be easily handled and stored in separate locations.

Custom Water Inflatables That Ship Nationwide

With the explosion in the growth of lagoon-style resorts and towns, AquaBanas are the perfect choice to bring people of all ages together on the water. Our products can even be customized with the colors or logo of your resort, business, or sponsors. Whether you want to spice up your next boating trip or monetize your commercial waterfront, AquaBanas has something for everyone. Contact our sales team to start designing your Bana system!

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Smaller sizes suited to sandbar
rental operations.