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Waterfront Venues

Create An Unforgettable Experience

AquaBanas can be used on waterfront venues worldwide. With these lifestyle oriented inflatable decks you can definitely create an unforgettable experience with your family & friends. AquaBanas were especially made to enjoy the water from beaches and even rocky shorelines.

Feel free to turn beautiful waterfronts into even more desirable destinations. By starting with a POP3 Pool deck as a foundation, you can add Party Banas, Loungers, PWC Banas and more to create an area as large as desired at minimal expense and regulations when compared to building hard structures and obtaining permits to achieve the same result. If your application allows, then you can turn these areas into revenue generating locations with a great ROI.. 

You choose which waterfront venue is perfect for you to enjoy the AquaBanas from and we can make it happen! All AquaBanas are designed with safety in mind and are perfect for kids and adults to relax and cool off with shade or without shade.

AquaBanas offers an extensive selection of module designs that are unlike anything else on the market! Each deck is built from durable drop stitch material and feature fully welded construction as well as non slip floor surfaces, quick step entry, ballast bags for stability, Anchoring rings, cooler cut outs and more. 

“They’ll Come Back For More”

Make Your Waterfront Venue A Hit!

AquaBanas provide a perfect solution for guests to enjoy the water by creating new spaces for them to rest, relax and even party!