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Inflatable Yacht Water Slide

Create An Unforgettable Experience

It’s no secret that yachties are not crazy about dealing with inflatables, and AquaBanas have taken this to heart. All AquaBanas products are made with the yacht crew in mind. Our products are lightweight, modular and easy to set up and pack away. Not only are they great for guests, but they also have utility uses for managing the water toys on board. 

All AquaBanas are built on a modular frame that measures 340cm x 340cm (11’ x 11’). This modular design makes them perfect for yachts as they are lightweight, easy to set up, and most importantly easier to store than most other inflatables. 

Additionally, there are multiple designs that can fit just about any configuration needed due to the toys onboard. 

Party Bana vs Typical 6m Yacht Slide

The Party Bana is much faster and easier to deploy than a typical yacht slide. The Party Bana sets up quickly and guests will stay on it for hours at a time. Enjoy food and beverages on the water while waiting your turn on the water toys, or just chill and relax. The Party Bana is a comfortable and functional area that guests can relax and enjoy in many ways.

We do not deny that everyone loves a slide, and we make many slides for many yachts each year, but slides are heavy and time consuming for the crew, and many times people get bored very quickly of them.

Compared to a slide – the Party Bana cost less, is easier to deploy and retract, takes up less space, provides more hours of entertainment, and is an overall bigger bang for the buck than a slide.

See the chart below for a basic comparison.

If you want to know more about the inflatable yacht water slides or inflatable sport boats yacht dock, you can call us at (407) 408-9282.

Create Luxury Experiences

Make Your Yacht Experience Enviable

Start with a Party Bana starter set, add a PWC Bana to hold the jet ski’s, or add a King Lounger for more seating, or add a Splash Bana for the little kids to splash around in. Order all 3 and have a great little system on the water that can accomodate about 12 people and is easily managed by the crew. 

No matter how big the yacht is, guests still want to be right down on the water. With popularity of all the watersports available, AquaBanas Party Bana provides an amazing place to hang out while waiting your turn, or just watching the view.  The Bana Tent provides shade while waiting or watching if protection from the sun is desired.  The temperature under the Bana Tent also lowers by 15-20 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The rock solid table of either the Party Bana or the Picnic Bana is perfect for relaxing while having lunch, enjoying cool beverages or just overall chilling on the water. 

Ask how our new POP3 Pool is a real GameChanger for yachts and resorts. Please visit our website to know more about the inflatable sport boats yacht dock ​by AquaBanas. You can call us at (407) 408-9282 or email us at Info@aquabanas.com.